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The ethnicity of Indian women are synonymous with the sarees they drape and the art of weaving still centres around our beloved ‘saree’. The various patterns, colours, textures infused with femininity and elegance created the traditional Indian sarees. India has a vast array of different kinds of these creations owing to the various states blending a part of their individuality into these. We have a sari for every occasion, for every age whether cotton or silk or any other fabric.

Most of the Indian states experience intense heat and humidity during the summers and so a fabric like cotton is soothing to be worn as a daily wear. The Maheshwari handloom is popular all over the world for the production of beautiful and comfortable cotton sarees. These form the quintessential part of the wardrobes of the sari-wearers . These are indispensable – be it daily wear at home or work or part of the festivities like holi, diwali, baisakhi,dusshera etc. We offers a wide variety of these whether casual or festive weaved by our expert weavers with passion and finesse.

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The handloom sarees are a priced possession of the store weaved with expertise displaying workmanship of different styles, from simple to flamboyant, contemporary to classic catering to different tastes and moods of people.If you think traditional Indian sarees are not really for you and you are looking for something stylish yet different, something that would turn heads but not with regularity or monotony- our designer collection might be the one you are really looking for. The collection has many trendy, stylish yet pocket friendly options for you.The section of Indian women who are more comfortable in salwar suits and kurtis also have a reason to visit our store. They have a wide variety of styles, patterns, fabrics, colours and designs to choose from our collections galore. You must visit our store to know why we are your choice and why we stand apart.



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